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Track 8- Advances Intelligent Systems for Computational Web and Big Data Analytics. 


Data Mining,


Artificial Intelligence

Big Data Applications

Big Data in Nursing Research

Big data technologies

Biostatistics applications

Business Analytics

Cloud computing & E-commerce

Complexity in data structure and algorithm

Data Analytics

Data mining analysis

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Data Mining Applications in Science, Engineering, Healthcare and Medicine

Data Mining Cluster Analysis

Data Mining for Cyber Security

Data Mining Methods and Algorithms

Data Mining Tasks and Processes

Data Mining Tools and Software

Data privacy and ethics

Internet of things

Optimization and Big Data

Social Media analytics

Statistical Methods

Cloud Computing,

Hardware Engineering,

Quantum Computing,

Machine Learning,

Mobile Technologies

Natural Language Processing,

Image, Video and Speech Processing,

Digital Forensics,

HPC & Parallel Computing,

Network Technologies &Wireless Communications,

Collaborative & Complex Networks,

Serious Games,