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Second edition of free international school for Big Data and Datamining Models



AI2SD'2019 host the second edition of  free international  school (As Summer School) for Big Data and Datamining Models in Marrakech. The attractive program aims at students and young graduates, as well as other academic and industrial practitioners and researchers that operate in the field of Big Data. We offer an inspiring mix of motivating keynotes, online trainings, classes and excursions. The summer school teaches the basics of working with large and complex amounts of data and provides an overview of relevant approaches and solutions. Thus, the participants can gain an insight into current research areas and acquire basic practical Big Data skills. Furthermore, there will be plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas and to discuss the topics with other participants and speakers. The talks and keynotes in the morning will be held in English. For the practical sessions in the afternoon good English and java programming skills are required. The number of participants is limited so that we will select interested participants based on their provided information about motivation, prior knowledge and interests.

Course leader


Program :

- Big Data Storage/ NoSQL
- Distributed Data Processing (HPC/MapReduce/Streaming/Spark/Flink)
- Graph Analytics/Management
- Big Data Integration
- Data mining models
- Deep learning
- MachineLearning
- Social media analytics
- Very large graph
- Text mining
- Real-life case studies of Big Data Analytics
- Web content mining
- sentiment analysis
- Web structure and usage mining

Inscription  :

All PhD Students are invited to inscribe for free registration on the online application form Here .