AI2SD 2024



AI2SD ‘2024 Annual Meeting


Phase 1 : First Paper Acceptance Notification as regare paper for Proceedings publication
– The authors should submit his paper as short paper (8-10 pages) using the conference template. All paper will be evaluated by 3 blind specialised reviewers. For acceptance the paper at this phase the author should have at less 2 positives .

Phase 2 :  Paper Acceptance Notification as extended version for journal publication
– The selected at the first phase, will be invited to send the extended version (More than 10 pages). The paper will be re-reviewed by journal reviewers. For final Paper Acceptance Notification author should have at less 2 positives.

The rules of submission, acceptance and publication process  as chapters in the selected indexed book of regular papers for AI2SD’2024:
  1. Submission: Authors submit their papers as chapters following the guidelines provided by the conference organizers. Submissions should adhere to the specified formatting requirements and word count limits.
  2. Peer Review: Submitted papers undergo a thorough peer review process, where experts in the relevant field assess the quality, originality, and significance of the research presented in the manuscripts.
  3. Acceptance Notification: Authors are notified of the acceptance status of their papers following the peer review process. Accepted papers are selected based on their quality, relevance, and contribution to the conference themes.
  4. Revision (if necessary): Authors may be asked to revise their papers based on feedback provided by the reviewers or conference organizers. Revisions should be made according to the given timeline.
  5. Final Submission: Authors submit the final version of their papers, incorporating any required revisions and ensuring compliance with formatting guidelines.
  6. Publication in the Book: Accepted papers are compiled into the indexed book of regular papers for AI2SD’2024. The book may be published by a reputable publisher or made available through the conference proceedings.
  7. Indexing: The indexed book of regular papers is indexed in relevant databases, ensuring increased visibility and accessibility of the research findings to the wider academic community.
  8. Distribution: Copies of the indexed book are distributed to conference attendees, participating institutions, and relevant libraries. Additionally, electronic versions may be made available for download through the conference website or publisher’s platform.
  9. Citation: Authors are encouraged to cite their published chapters in the indexed book in their future research and scholarly publications to acknowledge the original work presented at AI2SD’2024 and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in the field.

Abstract (250-400 Words)
Introduction (100-250 Words)
Problematic (100-250 Words)
Methodology (100-250 Words)
Solution (50-100 Words)
Conclusion(50-100 Words
References (3-6 In Basic )

Deadline of submision the final version for Chapter publication: 20/06/2023

FOR JOURNAL PUBLICATION AS EXTENDED VERSIONS OF THE BEST SELECTED PAPERS (comprising more than 35% of the content from the original published chapters)

The steps for the Special Issue for  selection  as extended versions of the accepted and presented chapters at the AI2SD’2024 Conference:
  1. Call for Papers: The conference General Chair and Guest Editors of the special  issue, inviting authors of the best and selected  papers  to submit extended versions of their accepted and presented conference chapters for consideration in the Special Issue.
  2. Submission: Authors submit their extended papers following the guidelines provided by the journal hosting the Special Issue. This may include formatting requirements, word count limits, and other submission guidelines.
  3. Peer Review: The submitted papers undergo a rigorous peer review process, where experts in the field assess the quality, originality, and relevance of the research presented in the manuscripts.
  4. Revision: Authors may receive feedback from the reviewers and are typically given an opportunity to revise their papers accordingly to address any comments or concerns raised during the peer review process.
  5. Acceptance: After revisions, the papers that meet the journal’s standards for publication are accepted for inclusion in the Special Issue.
  6. Proofreading: Authors may be asked to proofread their final accepted manuscripts to ensure accuracy before publication.
  7. Publication: The accepted papers are compiled into the Special Issue and published in the journal, either as part of a dedicated issue or as individual articles, depending on the journal’s publishing schedule and practices.
  8. Dissemination: The published Special Issue is then made available to the broader research community through the journal’s website and distribution channels, ensuring wide dissemination of the research findings presented in the extended conference papers.

Authors are requested to submit their papers (Oral and Poster) electronically using  Sciencesconf Plateform  :

Please send a copy to email address : in PDF format before the deadline


Deadline          : June 20, 2024
Notification     : September 20, 2024
Camera-Ready : October 20, 2024
Registration     : October 30, 2024